Hope Cottage

Hope Cottage Country retreatSusan & Bill Goddard 
Assmanshausen Winery
24 Serisier Road,
Leslie via Warwick, Qld 4370
+ 61 7 4661 3393 + 61 4 0761 3323


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Hope Cottage is the place to put up your feet
It's quiet country pace and style will respect
Your desire to recuperate, regenerate, rest.

Only 2 hours from Brisbane or 10 minutes from Warwick
You can come over by bus or by car to enjoy it
Just follow the highway 15 out to Warwick
Then route 42, onto 12, you'll discover it.

Watch the world unfold from under its cover
While you work out which delights of nature to discover
You can collect your own eggs for a breakfast repast
Or travel in a buggy straight out of the past.

For more leisurely pursuits with nature in mind
Lots of birds and bees and butterflies will find
You, straight out your door in your own little cottage
With beautiful views and wide verandah frontage.

If you're thinking what else is there for me to do
There are local attractions, just ask Bill and Sue
They can arrange for a luncheon at mansions long past
Or magnificent views to set off your repast.

So whatever your reason to escape the rat race
Hope Cottage can be your very own place
Now there is one thing left for you to do
And that's make a quick phone call to Bill or to Sue.